Wine shops to be open on 8th May in Telangana State?

Wines shops in Telangana

Wine Shops in Telangana state are expected to open on the 8th May of this month. It is reported that the government intends to open shops in various zones. The container areas will be closed.

Action will be taken according to the guidelines provided by the Central Government.

The Center has ordered the observance of social distances at the Liquor Shops and the presence of not more than five persons at the same time. CM is to decide on the opening of the Liquor Shops at the Cabinet Meeting on the 5th of this month.

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Opening of wine shops. There is a possibility of discussing what zones are allowed, what regulations are required, and what is the security situation.

Are you in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts?

Hyderabad and Joint Rangareddy districts are within the Red Zone. It is not known whether the Liquor sales are allowed or not in these districts. There are 2,216 wine shops in the state. Half of them are in these two districts. They say that it is difficult to get the expected income unless given permission here.

Government sources say that the lockdown has caused a loss of nearly Rs 4,200 crore. In the dry season, the income was even higher. But because of the lockdown, Liquor sales were completely stopped and revenue was down.

Enough Stock is Available

Authorities say that if the liqueur is allowed to sell, the wine is ready to be delivered to the shops. The stock at the Liquor Depot across the state has been in stock for 20 days. Excise department officials on Saturday reviewed the conditions and conditions for the sale of liqueurs.

Okay for Liquor Shops in all Zones: Center

NEW DELHI: The Union Home Department has given Clarity over Liquor sales. It was clear on Saturday that the Liquor shops would be open in the Red Zone, along with the Green and Orange Zones. However, the containment areas have no permission.

It is said that sales in the Liquor Shops, which are just independent in this zone, should be sold. Customers at all Liquor shops are required to follow a distance of six feet between each other and to ensure that they are never exceeded five in front of the boutique.

The easing will take effect from Monday, when the third phase of the lockdown begins. However, the Union Home Ministry has made it clear that states and Union Territories have to decide on the local conditions on the implementation of deregulation.

The Home Department announced on Friday that it would extend the lockdown until May 17, after several relaxations in the Red, Green, and Orange zones. However, the confusion in some aspects of it was given by Clarity on Saturday.

Okay for the barbershops in Orange and Green Zone

The Union Home Ministry has made it clear that it will open barbershops and salons in Orange and Green Zone. Red zones are not allowed. The E-Commerce platforms are authorized for the supply of Essential and Non-Essential Items in Orange and Green Zone, while only Red Zones are allowed for Essential Items, the Union Home Ministry said.

It was made clear that curfew-like conditions would be in effect in all zones from 7 pm to 7 am and that only emergency services were allowed at that time.


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