CITU seeks widening of Beeramguda road from Kaman to Kishtareddypet

Beeramguda to Kishtaradeepet road widening

CITU / CPI (M) leaders on Tuesday submitted a representation to DOC of Roads & Buildings seeking immediate action regarding Beeramguda to Kishtaradeepet road widening to address the problems of local residents.

CITU / CPI (M) leaders on Tuesday submitted a representation to DOC of Roads & Buildings seeking the immediate widening of the road from Beeramguda to Kishtaradeepet to address the problems of local residents. In presenting the representation, CPI (M) district secretary Narsimha Reddy accused the state government of not paying enough attention to the problems of the people and said that “only the foundation stone and the plaques are inventive.”

Leaders said students, women and thousands of vehicle owners were facing severe difficulties due to lack of road. It points out that the administration and public representatives are only giving false assurances on the demand for the road. Leaders seeking immediate road work have warned that the CITU / CPI (M) will start a public outcry if it is not taken up immediately. The CPI (M) leaders who accompanied Reddy include Lingamiah, Gopal Reddy, Lakshmaiah, Ganesh and Chandu.

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Beeramguda to Kishtareddy pet was one among the busiest road and only way to commute from beeramguda to any other part of the city, and the road happened to see the worst condition especially during the rainy season.

The stretch from beeramguda Kaman to kishtareddypet which connects the route to outer ring road at exit no 4 at sultanpur is around 4.9 kms, which is considered to the shortest distance but still, it was neglected from years.

It was promised by the chief minister during the election campaign on behalf of local MLA, Gudem Mahipal Reddy but still the work was not initiated by any of the Government officials.

Prior to elections CITU and CPI(M) protested against this and also went on hunger strike which made the Government feel about the importance of this road widening and happen to comment on this during elections and the people of beeramguda are awaiting for the steps to be taken from the government for widening and improvement of the road conditions in beeramguda.

Source: Hansindia


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