Why mental health is important during the lockdown? 9 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health

Why mental health is important

Mental Health Tips for Lockdown: For many of us, seeing the entire country in a state of complete lockdown is the first and once in a lifetime experience.

Living socially, maintaining physical contact with anyone, and staying at home for a long time is not easy. It is difficult to adapt to this change because it suddenly breaks into our ‘known common’ and asks us to create a ‘new normal’.

Lockdown has made us far from it – our personal, social, professional, and recreational life. There is nothing like that anymore. We need to reinvent the life cycle to enhance our mental health.

Whether we are a child, young or old, each of us is going through his / her own challenges. Children are suddenly removed from their normal activities such as going to school, tuition/hobbies, meeting friends, playing outdoors. It is not easy for them to be completely confined within the walls of their home.

Why mental health is important?

Elderly people are being asked to stay at home, not walk, sit in the park or visit their friends and family. These are some of the things that give meaning to their lives and look forward to the day.

In addition, knowing that the coronavirus affects the elderly, those with low immunity or dealing with pre-existing medical conditions cannot reduce their morale.

All working adults have to sit at home. There are some people who are more likely to work from home, which gives them some resemblance to a normal life, for most people their careers are suddenly taken away from them. They are left with a feeling of emptiness and uncertainty.

The economy is hitting its worst level and financial worries are starting to slow down. We are worried about losing our job, giving a pink slip or losing our bonus, incentive, or job confirmation letter.

People around the world are dying. The number of infected cases in the country continues to rise and with it, our fear of doomsday grows.

All these can cause enormous damage to our physical and mental well-being. We have a million questions running through our head and there is no clear answer that can reduce anxiety.

“Is it good? When will this all end? Will my family and I be safe? If anyone knows me or if I am affected? What if I lose a job? What if I can never go to work? When will I meet my family and friends? People die every day. What do I do to help? Can these questions make us sad and hopeless?

Worrying about losing the job
Worrying about losing the job

Worrying about the present and the future can impact our sleep cycle, leading to feelings of mental exhaustion and fatigue. It can be difficult to fix this and follow social distance when we are self-isolated, but it is important not to let it get the better of us.

Some ways to protect our Mental Health

  • Take active steps to create a daily routine – it brings normalcy to our life. It tells us that life is on track and that we are in control of things.
  • Educate yourself about illness – its cause, effects, symptoms, and precautions to take. When we are informed, we have a good handle on our emotional state.
  • Don’t believe every rumor or news that comes out on social media. Verify the source of the news – make sure it’s credible.
  • Exercise at home or on the terrace – your body needs movement. The release of endorphins keeps the mood positive. A moderate level of cardio or aerobic exercise or dance class is an excellent option to consider.
  • Eat healthy sleeping and eating habits that boost immunity.
  • Limit your alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine consumption.
  • Practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing to keep the mind calm and relaxed from the chaos around you.
  • Connect with friends and family through video calls.
  • To rest, rest, recover.

Change the meaning of lockdown in your head. The way you perceive it affects your emotional state. Think of it as an opportunity to slow down from the madness of a busy life. An opportunity to pause, re-evaluate, and reset your life – to connect with your self. It is nature’s way of giving a wake-up call!


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