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Why Businesses should also Focus on Online Presence while Recruiting

online presence while recruiting

Online presence is important while recruiting.

Online presence is becoming an important for every business, it could be a HR Consultancy firm or a Big Multi national company as people immediately search in Google with your company name to know more about you. It is proved that 60% of the people don’t show interest for the companies which do not have good online presence.

While Giving First Call


HR Recruiter or Executive will generally give a call to the concerned candidate about the job role and Description and followed by the company profile and meanwhile he/she will know the particulars of the desired candidate.

What happens here is immediately after the call, the candidate is checking in the google about the company and looking out for top articles about the company and also the reviews from glassdoor.

As I said in the earlier statement 60% of the candidates do not show interest to attend interview if the companies online presence is not up to the level what the candidate expects.

There are so many things in-between before the joining, but primarily employee must have a clear and positive picture about the company so as to make them visit your office.

“ the first impression is the best impression”


Linkedin Plays a Vital Role here:

linkedin fourth

Linkedin is a PR9 Website and will give the candidate the appropriate information about the company

  1. Size of the company
  2. Profiles of the top Management
  3. Information about Company Product and Event Launches
  4. Testimonials of the Top Management

Hence it is advised to have LinkedIn profiles of most of the employees in your company so that it gives a good impression about the workplace.


glassdoor review

Glassdoor is basically a site which takes review from the previous employees or others and provide it open in the search results. So a company must concentrate what exactly is happening in the glassdoor about the company.

Weekly check:

google check

As we know google Search Engine Result Pages changes every week, so we need or the employee of the company must give a natural search for your company keyword and monitor what results are coming up in first page so that if you find any negative things you must concentrate pushing it back to page 4 and above using your seo strategies.

Press Releases:

Press Release

There are numerous press release(PR) sites for the companies to submit your News, Events , Posts in the internet so that in the Google Search Result pages your brand is displayed.

Try to Build your Presence in PR4 and Above Rank Websites so that it ultimately boost your alexa ranking and Meanwhile it will also raise your brand value.

Hope this small tips will help a lot to give a better first impression to your employees.

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