Whatsapp must be banned in india?


Sudhir Yadav, a Haryana-based RTI activist, filed a petition within the Supreme Court seeking a ban on electronic communication apps like WhatsApp, Viber, message & Signal, on security grounds.

The petition aforementioned WhatsApp has increased privacy of its users by end-to-end cryptography in each message, which provides terrorists a method of communication that’s not possible to intercept.
“Even if WhatsApp was asked to interrupt through AN individual’s message at hand over the information to the govt, it too would fail because it doesn’t have the cryptography keys either,“ aforementioned Yadav in his petition.

“Decrypting one 256-bit encrypted message would take many years”, he added.

The activist aforementioned in his petition that so as to decipher any message on WhatsApp, one would want a key combination of the many range keys, that is sort of not possible for even an excellent pc.

Yadav filed this petition when he didn’t receive any reply from the medium administrative unit of Republic of India (TRAI) and therefore the Ministry of Communications & IT concerning identical issue.

The case can currently be detected by a bench headed by the magistrate of Republic of India on June 29.


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