What is B2B marketing and how it works in Digital Marketing Perspective

b2b marketing

B2B Marketing is the marketing of products to businesses or other businesses for use in the production of goods, for use in general business operations, for the effective use of services or for resale to other consumers, such as a wholesaler selling to a merchant.

So what is so great and unique about b2b marketing?

Well, if it is b2c marketing the consumer purchase the item that may be from an e-commerce website and see if the product is good or bad. Post that he/she will have a great or bad opinion about the product you sold.

But in the case of b2b, the consumer so-called a business influencer or a decision-maker will do enough research on the product and will have a clear cut idea of what to purchase and what to ignore.

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So when you consider going with b2b marketing here are the few things you need to remember

Concept of the product

Displaying the entire concept of the product is considered to be the most important and that too not with a 100 pages document or something but try with an infographic or a short 1 min explainer video which should tell what exactly is the product. Spending up to $50 for a proper video also should be ideal as it would be a one-time investment.


We as a b2b service or product or a service provider generally feel comfortable to share a customized quote when requested by the lead but the hard fact is that 80% of the qualified leads prefer to see the transparent offered to all of your customers. So that the chances of getting qualified leads to your inbox will be definitely more than what you might have expected.

Social media marketing or Promotion

Never promote something like a cheap product or cost-effective product especially in social media campaigns. People whom you target in social media may not be 100% your target segment but still, you may get right leads but the intensions of expecting the demo could be completely different. Hence chose a wise platform like LinkedIn, where you can target the uses based on their job professions and industry type.


B2B marketing is something which we need to take proper care and need to do some basic analysis on the product and post that we can come up with proper channel and proper strategy to do the b2b successful marketing.


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