Warangal: School Principal Sponsored Money Caps to School Children

Kodipaka Ramesh

Mr Kodipaka Ramesh, school principal of a government school within the remote Narasimhulagudem in Kesamudram mandal of Mahabubabad district, went on the far side the decision of duty once kids didn’t turn up in class.

Due to the weather condition since the past week, the students of Narasimhulagudem weren’t returning to classes. Their parents were keeping the kids home fearing they might catch cold and fever. The families are terribly poor and can’t afford in reality medical expenses, and thought it better to not send the kids to high school.
The school has twenty five students. once the youngsters stayed away, Mr Ramesh visited every of their homes and spoke to their parents. He persuaded them to send their kids to high school, promising he would get them monkey caps to safeguard them from the cold. once they turned up, he kept his word.

It is with nice issue that we have a tendency to convinced the parents to admit their kids to the high school by explaining the importance of education. If they stop sending the kids due to the cold, they’ll get accustomed it and can not show interest in studies,” Mr Ramesh aforesaid, explaining why he visited such lengths to bring back the youngsters back to high school.

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To avoid this i made a decision to provide them monkey caps, that assures the parents that their kids have some protection against the cold. this can encourage them to send the children to high school,” Mr Ramesh aforesaid.

The villagers were appreciative of Mr Ramesh’s gesture, saying it reflected his concern for the children.

Teachers must be this much motivated and committed to work so that our next generation will know the importance of school education, as school education teaches the basics for the higher studies and also entrance exams which may a student face in future.


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