Warangal Court Declared Rapist Praveen To Be Hanged To Death

Rapist Praveen

Warangal Fast Track Court on Thursday afternoon ordered rapist Praveen (28) to be hanged (hanged to death) for raping and murdering a nine-month-old infant. The incident rocked the consciousness of the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and sparked protests across the country.

The sentence was handed down by Additional District Judge K Jaya Kumar. The Fast Track Court resolved the case within 48 days of the June 19 offense. The baby’s parents wept after hearing the verdict. Praveen has pleaded guilty and is said to have committed the act under the influence of alcohol and is a habitual offender.

Praveen sexually assaulted and killed a nine-month-old baby. The tragic incident occurred on June 19 at Tailors Street in Hanankonda, Warangal. Praveen from Madaram village in Parkal Mandal entered the house and climbed the terrace and abducted the baby. However, parents and other family members woke up and began searching for her when the child was found missing.

They saw the accused running with the baby in his hand and grabbed him. In the confrontation, the accused tried to flee, however, he was unsuccessful. The baby was immediately rushed to a private hospital in Hanmakonda and doctors declared her dead.

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A case has been registered against the accused who was handed over to the police and taken into police custody.

In an important move, the Warangal District Bar Association unanimously decided to boycott the rapist Praveen, and the Bar Association vehemently condemned the deadly act of perversion. The District Bar Association Warangal issued a circular, which the Executive Committee meeting of June 20th condemned the action and unanimously resolved to take stern action against the offender, and requested all lawyers not to defend the accused in the case filed against him.

Family members have demanded harsh treatment of the accused after the heinous crime. Protests erupted all over Hanamkonda on public roads, demanding justice for the victim and harsher punishment for the accused.


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