Warangal: Walmart to open the fourth store in Telangana State


Warangal Urban District Collector Prashant Jeevan Patil participated in the Best Price Opening at the Cash & Carry Store in Warangal on Wednesday. The store is Walmart’s fourth in Telangana and 27th in the country.

Noting that the city of Warangal has enormous potential for all kinds of business and resources, he set out to organize an interactive session for Walmart and other corporate companies to find the talent they need. He urged farmers to get help by avoiding Walmart intermediaries.

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Walmart India President and CEO Kris Iyer said more than 31,000 members had signed up before the store opened. The store source some of its products from local farmers so that they can earn a regular income. It also provides direct and indirect employment to about 2 thousand people.

Warangal East MLA Nannapuneni Narender, MPs Pasunuri Dayakar, Banda Prakash and Mayor Prakash Rao were also present. It can be stated here that the Walmart store only provides for those who have commercial licenses and not for retailers. It is a wholesale store that supplies bulk products to local merchants.


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