Video Marketing: How It is Effective for Local Businesses.

Video Marketing is Simple and Effective for Local Businesses
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Video marketing is so easy to do and can be highly effective for your business. It sounds like a lot and so technical but it really isn’t at all. There are many video sites but the best one for many reasons is YouTube. Google purchased YouTube in 2006 and it has grown into an absolute powerhouse.

That’s reason enough to use videos to market your local business!

YouTube is the most widely used video site in the world with over 1 billion users. It is also the 2nd largest search engine on the internet behind Google. I know that you are probably thinking “Videos, how can I implement that or how does that help my business?” or even “how is YouTube a social media site?” You should have questions such as those and I will explain.

Videos and photos will get the most reaction out of your potential customers.

A visual is very impactful because it draws an emotional response whether it’s good, bad or entertaining but most of the entire audience shows interest. YouTube is a social media site too because of the interactions (Likes, Comment, and Shares) of the videos that are made.

When a video is produced and distributed properly, engagement usually occurs and users may subscribe to your channel for future content or click on a link if you provide one in the description box. That should have read, “… when you provide a link…” (Hint) and of course you will, right? As a local business (or any business owner), you should ALWAYS add a link in the description box and be sure to add

‘http :// ’ (example) or the entire hyperlink of your website including the dotcom. Business in your local area is competitive and you want to be first in line and find the right customers for your establishment.

How Do I utilize Video Marketing?

Utilize the Video Marketing

My preferred way of using YouTube is through the low budget and lowest budget ways. I like whiteboard videos and you can find someone to produce a simple and nice HD video for you on Fiverr. There are countless other options for you on Fiverr so that you can start producing videos easily for your business.

I also enjoy making short videos with my iPhone. It’s very economical and it yields a zero cost in my expense column. My business doesn’t require a lot of glitz and glamour that a big production would bring. You can also opt for something nice like a cartoon type video that can cost a little more ($ 50-$ 100 for a really good cartoon). The quality will be great and it will get the attention of potential customers and bring some credibility to a local business if produced properly.

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6 Tips for Making Effective Videos

Tip #1 Keep your audience engaged

Engage Your Audience

Simply put, if your audience is not either entertained or if you’re not providing something of value (not doing something out of the ordinary such as attempting to jump off of a skateboard or something that is totally outrageous), then just find a way to keep them glued to your video somehow. My advice is to make your videos entertaining and/ or by teaching something because they will convert better and the viewer will likely return if you have helped them solve a problem.

Tip #2 Keep your videos short in length

The reason for short videos is to keep your audience interested in your content. Studies have shown that after 3 minutes of footage on most videos, the audience may become disinterested and leave.

Tip #3 Make testimonial videos

When you make testimonial videos for your business it gives you social proof and legitimacy for your business. Real life testimonials about your products or services are the only type that I recommend because people will resonate with that more and it gives credence to your business.

Tip #4 Make videos consistently

This tip gets so over looked because most local business owners will not give it a chance from the beginning. The business owners that will give it a chance will see the true value in a consistent video marketing strategy because it can truly work wonders. The more consistent videos that you make, the more favoritism they will get within the search engines (particularly with YouTube and Google search engines). Remember that these are the TOP 2 search engines in the world so potential customers in your area will be able to find your products and services rather easily.

Tip #5 Enter Keywords in the Title, Descriptions and Tags

In order to target potential customers in your local market, your keywords must be implemented in three areas for success: the title, description and tags. Before you upload any videos on YouTube, it is very important that all three are filled out properly. If they are not, then potential customers in your area will not be able to find you. Here’s a quick example: You are the owner of a great chiropractic practice in Phoenix, AZ and you just made a quick video about a special deal for potential clients for “FREE Consultation Visits for the first Twenty People.” The aforementioned looks like a great start for a title but the search engines will view it as just that, meaning what you have in the current title. But how will your customers find you? The title should read, “Phoenix, AZ Chiropractor gives FREE Consultation visits for first Twenty People.” With adding, “Phoenix, AZ Chiropractor” it will show in the search results for YouTube and possibly Google when ‘chiropractors’ are searched in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

Tip #6 YouTube Advertising Platform

youtube advertising platform

Local Man reaches Buyers around the World from his Videos Some local businesses have expanded throughout the world with no intention of doing so initially. This was the case for an Atlanta, GA man that makes and sells pottery named Charles Smith. He was relying heavily on galleries and art shows to sell his work but now he markets his products by shooting YouTube videos. Now people buy his work from around the world, his videos are FREE and he has ZERO marketing costs from using the YouTube platform!

The example above is rare nowadays with the entire landscape of social media marketing shifting to a ‘pay to play’ environment especially for new content that doesn’t go viral. Google is at the forefront and YouTube has become that type of platform as well. YouTube Ads which are basically like Google Adwords can help get video content seen by potential customers very quickly. They’re easy to set up and very effective when video campaigns are built correctly.


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