UberCPM the best ad serving platform for Publishers


UberCPM is one of the ad server platform for your blogs as it allows you to place ads in your website instantly (almost). I mean to say review of my website was done in just a couple of hours.

I had never seen such a good platform after Google ad sense, it is basically new for me and so far is so good.

The concept of CPM is going good as there are very few platforms offer CPM and it must be genuine as am a digital marketing guy, I also advise uber cpm to maintain the standards of ad sense so that as a advertiser we will feel secured to spend on uber cpm advertising.

I generally spend 5 digit figure in google adwords and looking forward to spend the same with uber cpm for my company product. Hopefully advertising cost would be less compared to ad words.


The password issue: When iam trying to reset the password, it is always asking the temporary password to set again i.e some deth67jjdagdjdjd kind of thing and not taking the password which i had kept and so everytime i need to check the automated generated password and to login.

please make easy provision to login and ignore unnecessary robot checks and all

Hope this can be a good review for ubercpm will comeup with suggestions further after exploring more and more.

My journey just started with ubercpm !!




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