Toll Collection at Toll Plazas is Against Law: PIL Had been filed in High Court

PIL on Toll Plaza

HYDERABAD: Public interest litigation has been filed in the High Court seeking revocation of toll gate fees on roads. A bench headed by Chief Justice of India, Justice RS Chauhan, on Friday filed a legal suit by lawyer D Vidyasagar.

It was claimed by the advocate that the 4 wheeler buyer had already paid 12 to 14% as a lifetime tax for the vehicle and the normal public need not pay the toll fee as a mandatory thing. The High Court has questioned how the roads will be maintained if there is no toll gate fee.

Counsel for the petitioner Sasikhiran argued that the toll gate was discriminatory. The toll gate fee is being collected from the general public. The High Court has directed the petitioner to submit the full details of who made the exemptions. The next hearing was postponed to Tuesday.

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It was believed that the targets have been set to the staff who works at toll plazas and further there had been multiple instances where the toll plaza staff had manhandled the common people if a common man cannot afford to pay the toll plaza fee.

There is a rule that there must be an alternate way apart from the toll road which can be used by the common people for those who cannot afford to pay the toll fee, but that was never implemented thing by the concerned department.

Issues with the fastag is also a major concern for those who don’t have time to wait in the long queue but it becomes a nightmare for the traveler at busiest toll plazas for the long waits.

There should be a dedicated ETC lane at every toll plaza. Not having a dedicated ETC lane means the purpose of FasTag fails as it causes a delay in the journey of FasTag users.


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