The Top Applicant Tracking Systems Comparison in 2019

Applicant Tracking System Comparison

Gone are the days where a recruiter put his naked eye on to the computer and search for resumes in the job portal manually. If you still assume that, recruiters need open job portals like Monster, Naukri and find resumes then you are absolutely thinking in an out-dated fashion.

Companies like ADP, Microsoft, and other big giants will have hundreds of job vacancies and every day they get updated and increased, in this scenario, recruiters will need to use something like a staffing software which could minimize their efforts.

So what is the Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system software is a centralized tool designed especially for recruiters for managing the candidate sourcing, evaluation, and recruitment process from start to finish. Job board posting, career sites, interview tools, and analytics are common features.

Most employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), also known as Talent Management Systems, to process job applications and manage the hiring process. Companies offer an automated way to manage the entire hiring process, from accepting applications to hiring employees.

The information in the database is used to test candidates, test applicants, schedule interviews, conduct the hiring process, check instructions, and complete new-hire paperwork.

How Do Applicant Tracking Systems work?

Applicant Tracking SystemWhen applicants apply for a job online, their contact information, experience, educational background, resume and cover letter are uploaded into the database. Information can be transferred from one part of the system to another as candidates move through the recruitment process.

The system allows recruiters to review applications, automate the messages that applicants receive the messages from the HR and give them online tests periodically. Hiring managers can schedule interviews and e-mail rejection letters through ATS. Finally, human resources employees can use the same information to keep people on the payroll after they are hired and on-boarded into the company. These integrated systems streamline the hiring and application process of employers. Categorize newly on-boarded employees based on their skillset and enter them into separate groups. For example, you classify sales team to one and marketing to other.

An applicant tracking system software features may vary depending on what kind of provider you use. Here are some features of most common applicant tracking systems:

  1. Job posting
  2. Email marketing
  3. Resume importing
  4. Resume parsing
  5. Candidate tracking

Price and services

AT software can be very expensive, especially if you are a staffing company that does most of your work on the system. However, small businesses and organizations that have small-sized recruitment teams do not need to break the bank to find the right tool. In fact, some AT software companies offer free or negligible price systems that can perform basic data processing, applicant communication, and routine recruitment analysis. JobsCore, Vultus and Zoho Recruit offer free tools that are excellent starter kits for small and medium businesses.

The prices of the other tools ranging from $ 9.99 to $ 100 per month for basic plans. However, the more features and projects you want to add to the platform, the more expensive AT software can run. Some companies do not publicly disclose how high this price is. They prefer to discuss cases wisely with clients. Keep in mind that annual payments (as opposed to monthly payments) usually give you a 10-20 percent discount. So, if you have the money, it is better to pay in advance for a full year.

The Bottom Line

Using ATS will save you time and money. With the software solution, you can automate many processes like sourcing, organizing and tracking candidates, as well as building a network. ATS can help you identify which candidates match your client’s job description. As a result, you will only show qualified candidates to your clients, leading to faster placement.




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