Telangana violations, police step in on lockdown day-2

Violations in Telangana on Day-2 of lockdown

Hyderabad, March 24: A day after the lockdown began in Telangana to contain the spread of coronavirus, the police began enforcing strict restrictions on the movement of people, urging them to stay away from emergencies and seek shelter. To mild canning in some places.

With so many taking to the streets to ignore the advice of staying at home, the police set up barricades, ” counseling ” on many roads here and elsewhere in the state and sent them home without the right reasons. People flocked to collect vegetables and other essentials and even made purchases for the Ugadi (Telugu New Year) festival which falls on Wednesday.

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News channels have shown that the violators had made to sit up in the presence of a female police officer nearby as a punishment. Additional DGP (Law and Order) Jitender said the situation in the state was completely peaceful. The lockdown, which was announced until March 31 under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, was strictly enforced by the police and acted in violation of the law in some places, including “mild” canning of violators and “possession of vehicles.” Police checked at all toll plazas near the interstate boundary, where hundreds of vehicles were trapped as they tried to enter.

Official sources said, however, that vehicles were allowed to carry the necessary items, as already announced. The Cyberabad and Rachakonda police commissioners personally inspected the situation and inspected some vehicles and passed the appropriate instructions.

About 200 vehicles were seized on Monday for violations, Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat told PTI. Police have also warned that their vehicles will be seized without proper cause and without supporting documents. GO stating that more than five people in public places is prohibited and notified the lockdown in the state that COVID-19 cases number 36.

Residents must stay at home and come out only for permitted activities. However, no more than one person is allowed to drive the vehicle, GO stated. Calling for the state government to lockdown, people in some villages in Telangana have voluntarily isolated themselves by laying barricades and fences. Placards were also placed so that no one could enter their village.


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