Telangana Liquor News Today: Telangana Too May Open Liquor Stores

Telangana Liquor

Telangana Liquor News Today: The Telangana government is expected to reopen liquor stores soon with some restrictions throughout the state.

The decision is likely to be discussed at a Cabinet meeting held at Pragathi Bhawan here on Tuesday, April 5 from 2 pm.

With the re-opening of liquor in neighboring states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh following the Center’s announcement of lockdown, the Telangana government is reportedly in favor of reopening the liquor market in the state.

Another factor that has accelerated the state government in this decision is the possibility of smuggling alcohol from neighboring states, which also increases the risk of coronavirus spreading to the state.

Combined with this, the loss of income due to not allowing alcohol sales will surely force the state government to rethink the issue. Official sources say the state government may resume liquor sales for the above reasons.

Sources said the excise department has asked officials to prepare a comprehensive report on the number of liquor stores and available stock in the red, orange, and green zones.

The Government may initially consider opening in container-free areas in accordance with the Center’s latest guidelines on lockdown eases.

However, with the virus spreading in Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Medchal and Vikarabad districts, the opening of liquor stores in these districts seems a remote possibility. This was due to the recommendations of the state medical department that there should be no relaxation in these areas.

Excluding those four districts, liquor stores are likely to reopen in 29 districts of the state, except in areas under containment zones, which are open anytime between May 6 and 8 in the state.

Tuesday is likely to change from the liquor store while waiting for the resolution, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday chaired a meeting of the state cabinet, which is only possible after.

Liquor Price Hike in Telangana

However, the topic of the Liquor price hike is also expected to be discussed at the Cabinet. Governments have already raised the prices of liqueur in several states where alcohol sales have resumed.

While states such as Delhi and Andhra Pradesh have increased the prices of liquor by more than 70 percent, states such as Bengal and Rajasthan have increased prices by 30 percent. Telangana seems to be following the same path. Have to see how much the Liquor prices would increase.


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