Telangana international driving permit (IDP) is not Valid in abroad

Telangana international driving licence not recognised abroad

The newest State of Telangana may be attracting world company honchos and foreign political dignitaries to its soil, however an easy transport document issued within the State is failing to be recognised overseas.

The International Driving permit (IDP) issued by the State Transport department has nearly become an invalid document as some countries, together with the united states, are nonetheless to include Telangana within the list of Indian states in their official information.

Many face inconvenience due to this situation, As a result, an increasing number of individuals with IDPs from the State face inconvenience while travelling abroad.


On an average, 900 IDPs are issued each month within the Telangana.

“I visited the workplace of the Department of motor vehicle recently to get a licence,” said D. Shreya, a student from New Jersey pursuing her Master’s course.

‘Only A.P. Goverment Licence recognised’

“I showed them my international driving IDP that was issued in Hyderabad in order that I might get my native licence. however i used to be told by the officer that solely A.P. may be a recognised State as per their records and not Telangana. after I tried explaining the bifurcation, the officer aforesaid some Indians have already encountered such a scenario and she or he knew concerning the difficulty however, cannot do something concerning it.

“Since the licence that i got from Govt of Telangana was of no use I had to follow a long method to induce a licence that is additionally very much time-consuming process.”

In the past, those people that who encountered the difficulty had additionally Written off letters to the State and Central governments however, nothing has modified.

In December 2015, someone who received the IDP from Hyderabad associated was residing within the united states had complained of facing similar thing he faced through an e-mail.

The transport officers wrote to the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to handle the situation by incorporating the name of Telangana as a State where needed.

Issue being addressed

The native transport officers wrote another reminder to the Ministry in Jan 2016 when a litigator shared his expertise of facing an identical scenario.

B. Venkateswarlu, Joint Transport Commissioner, Telangana, aforesaid that he was conscious of the difficulty and therefore the department was operating towards addressing it.
It is nearly invalid as there are so many countries are nonetheless to incorporate the State in their official information.


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