Telangana Hybrid HomeGrown Apple to Hit the Market Soon

Telangana Apple
  • Cultivation success in kerameri forests
  • 400 plants grown in two varieties
  • Currently up to 40 nuts per plant
  • Fruits that will be on the market for another month

Telangana means that the new apple is next to Batakamma, Bona, and Biryani! The Telangana apple is expected to be cut in a month’s time in the Kerameri forest of Kumrambhim Aasifabad, known as Mini Kashmir!

The region is favorable for applesauce, with low temperatures for most of the year. Apples cultivated by amateur farmer Balaji have come to fruition. This effort paved the way for new cultivation in colder regions.

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Kumrambhim Asifabad Representative, Namaste Telangana / Kerameri: For the first time in the state of Telangana, our Apple is coming to the market. Hope to enjoy this fruity taste soon. Farmer Kendra Balaji of Dhanora, Kerameri Mandal of Kumrambheem Asifabad district, with the help of the government, will plant 400 plants and harvest them in a matter of months.

Initially, Balaji’s 15 acres of cotton and other trades were damaged. The decision was made to cultivate food crops that were less investment. In the year 2000, 100 nursery seeds were brought from a nursery from AP and were planted in acres of land. The crop has grown from the fifth year onwards and earns up to Rs. Currently up to Rs.

Apple cultivation is a success

On the advice of a friend, Balaji brought ten apples from a nursery in Rajahmundry. With their knowledge, they have grown up in a favorable environment. Scientists in Hyderabad, who are researching apple cultivation in the tropics, said this.

Balaji studied the land and apples of the apples. In 2014, the land was promoted to 150 irrigated Harriman-type plants. With their advice, he arranged to keep the plants around year-round.

50 plants died and 100 plants grew. In the second year, the nuts were boiled. In 2016, the Agriculture Department planted another 300 plants. He did not leave the nuts for three years. At present, the nuts have reached a size of 200 grams.

These are red-faced Kashmir apples. In each of the 400 trees, there are 20 to 40 nuts. By the end of the month, there is a risk of 250 grams each. Balaji said each tree yields between four and six kilos.

Suitable weather

There are huts around the apple field in the vicinity of Dhanora. Scientists Veerabhadrao and Ramesh Atarwal said the cultivation was favorable for apple cultivation due to the low temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees Celsius in November and December. The tree is coated with proper temperature.

After that, the apple plant can withstand the temperature rise. Apple plants, once planted, can survive for 25 to 30 years depending on the soil condition.


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