Telangana farmers cry for help at officer’s feet not to loose their land

telangana farmers

Two elderly Telangana farmers of Telangana have been taped by a revenue officer in Ranga Reddy district, begging for help as they take their land after physical verification.

Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) TRS chief KCR and his son KTR to become a viral video of the incident that has been tagged. Many shared the video asking the authorities to do justice to the old Telangana farmers.

In the video, two farmers can be seen touching the feet of a Mandal revenue officer and pleading for the restoration of their land ownership.

Telangana Farmers said the land was a “life and death” for them because they were the only source of income. Despite the desperate appeal, the officer appears to be walking away in the video with no guarantee to the farmers.

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In a separate video, farmers Sattayya, his brother Lingayya and another farmer, Mallya, say their landowner’s proof of land ownership has been taken away from them and that they are constantly harassed.

Satyaiah may have heard that all those who have been running the pillar for eight months have been running a post to correct the problem, but local authorities have not cooperated with them. His brother Lingayya said local authorities also insulted them and threatened to slash them and send them to jail.

However, these are not the only problems that have arisen in Telangana over the past few months.

Many other mistakes have been found in classified land records online for improved transparency.
Some farmers may even have to pay a bribe to correct the shortcomings.


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