Technology Development Roadmap for 2020: Tech News


Technology is now rapidly evolving with the growth of the internet and its vast space. And the best part is, as the internet grows, it gives room for progress and change hence causing an acceleration in the rate of change. Until eventually, it blows up.

Therefore, as an IT expert in the current 21st century, you need to stay updated with the latest advancements in technology continually. What does that mean for you? That means you have to keep on learning (and it’s not for desire but a necessity). With that in mind, here are the top five trends you need to watch out for in 2020.

Machine Learning

Typically, machine learning is somewhat a sub of the Artificial intelligence section I’m about to share with you down below. Here, machines are programmed to learn things that they will not normally do. In a layman’s language, it’s like teaching your child how to speak (obviously it’s more complicated than that simple description).

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Generally, there are also subsections in Machine learning: Neural network, deep learning, and NLP (natural language processing). The best part of these subsections is that you will always have the chance to specialize in each section.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In recent years, AI has already received enough buzz. What’s more, it’s still the trend to watch for in the coming years. Simply put, AI is the programming of computer systems to replicate human intelligence. That way, computers can perform functions such as recognition of speech, images, and speech patterns. AI can do this faster and even more accurately compared to humans.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Unfortunately, AI is estimated to render more than 73 million people in the world jobless by 2030. Thankfully, AI is creating jobs as fast as it’s eliminating them. For instance, artificial intelligence architects will be a lucrative job in a few years.

Virtual Reality

Thousands if not millions of people have already tried playing games using virtual reality. And most of them actually fell in love with VR. Although this program has been used in games so far, researches and governments have also tried to use VR in the US Navy and Army.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

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Some of the major players in the VR space include Samsung, Oculus, and Google. However, there are plenty of startups still forming, and they will soon start to hire.


With the current trends in technology, security is becoming one of the most vital necessities ever. That’s because hackers are also acquiring new skills to penetrate the defenses system. Therefore, as long as we have hackers in our society, cybersecurity will continuously be an emerging technology.


I’m sure you’ve already heard about the digital coin that everyone is talking about-Bitcoin. This technology has literally taken everyone by surprise, and it still has the potential to be even higher.

The best part about blockchain is that you have anonymity, and it’s not controlled by the government. With that in mind, a blockchain developer specializes in the structure and development of solutions that use blockchain technology.

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In Summary

Well, there you have it! Although technology keeps on changing, the above sectors promise potential jobs in the foreseeable future. As an IT expert, you need to continually stay updated on what is new and relevant in the technology world. And, as a technology enthusiast, the above five sectors will quench your thirst for new tech.



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