Step by Step Guide on Rotating a Software Demo Video

software demo video

You are all set to show your software demo video for the next board meeting tomorrow and you just need one last check before the presentation. Now, what if the last check reveals that some of the clips have been captured erroneously and must be rotated in proper order? That’s scary! But, no worries, you still have some hours left for the presentation. It would be smarter to utilize it in rotating the video rather than freaking over inverted clips. And, the thing that will help you here is a video editor software that helps to as well. Movavi Video Editor is a state of the art video editor program that can also perform video rotation.

The post here will show how to rotate your demo video with a video editor program.

Step 1

  • Install the software

First of all, you have to download & install the video editor software in your system. You will get installation instructions in the software manual.

Step 2

  • Add the video

Next, you will have to add the video to your program window. Look for the tab that says something like “Add Media Files” and click on it. It will enable you to select and add the video from your system gallery to the software window.

Step 3

  • Select the part you have to rotate

You will find a marker on the program window. Click on it and take it to the start of the part you have to rotate and select the area. Then, look for the “Split” tab and click on it. Now, take your marker straight to the last part of the clip & again click on “Split” tab. The process will isolate the exact part that you want to rotate.

Step 4

  • Rotate the clip

Now, we have reached at the main stage of the rotation process. You video editor program will allow you to choose from 2 modes of rotating the video. One is 90 degree rotation. To do that, go to “Rotate” tab and keep on clicking on it till your selected clip gets into the right order.

You will also be able to rotate your demo video by any arbitrary angle. Click on “Crop & Rotate” tab. Then, look for “Angle” slider. Take your cursor on the slider and adjust it till you get your desired result. Otherwise, if you are confident about the perfect rotation angle, simply enter the angle value. You will find a space next to the slider where you can type the angle value. After everything is okay, click on “Apply” tab.

Step 5

  • Save your video

Now, we have reached at the final stage of the process. This is where we will save the video. But before that, we will choose a compatible format that will suit most of the browsing devices. So, go to “Export” tab and click on it. It will enable you to choose the desired output format. After that, click on “Start” tab. The editor program will then begin the conversion process and save the converted video in its library.


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