Two youngsters caught stealing liquor bottles from Hyderabad shop during Corona Lockdown

Liquor Telangana

Lockdown across the country has significantly reduced crime in the country, however, there has been an increase in the number of liquor bottles in Telangana, contributing to a new trend of violations in the region.

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In one such case, the Hyderabad police arrested two youths, who opened a liquor store in the Gandhi Nagar area two days ago and stole liquor bottles. Some of them were sold at a high premium, some of them used by these thieves with their friends.

Police were able to retrieve some liquor bottles from the teenager.

According to articles in Telangana today, liquor store owners in Hyderabad are on the verge and liquor store owners are being called in to set up a lockdown.

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“On average, employers receive more than 10 calls every day from customers they know. Since they know they will get into trouble if they sell alcohol during the lockdown, the answer from the owners is ‘no.’.

Alcohol is not a mandatory commodity in Hyderabad so it cannot be sold during the lockdown.

Meanwhile, police have been keeping a close watch on liquor shops after several incidents of stealing liquor bottles from wine shops. In Himayatnagar, a man tried to steal liquor bottles from the wine shop he had been working for.

On the other hand, the West Bengal government on Wednesday announced that the administration will allow the distribution of liquor across the state amid a 21-day nationwide lockdown, called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The excise department says there is a provision to distribute alcohol at home because there is no prohibition on selling alcohol in the state. However, passes are issued to persons engaged in delivery through the local police station.


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