Time Has Come to Struggle for India, Says Sonia Gandhi at Bharat Bachao Rally

Bharat Bachao rally

Interim Congress chief Sonia Gandhi at Bharat Bachao rally on Saturday accused the Narendra Modi government of dividing the country and said the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act was destroying the spirit of India.

Speaking at the Bharat Bachao rally on Ramlila Maidan here, Sonia Gandhi said, “They have brought the CAA, it will destroy and tear the spirit of India.”

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She accused the Modi government of not respecting parliament and constitutional bodies.

“This government has no respect for Parliament and no respect for corporations. Their only agenda is to divide and fight the people,” she alleged.

She blamed the government for withdrawing Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and said, “Now is the time to change the law and change the status of a state. Every day the constitution is shattered.”

She said that the country fought for its constitution, highlighting the role of freedom fighters in the War of Independence. “And it’s ruined now, but Congress waits with everybody,” she said.

She also questioned why the central government is selling Navratna companies.

She points out that people are now afraid to put money in banks and that the situation of farmers across the country is “very distressing.”

“We are ready to make any sacrifice to protect democracy and we are ready to work hard to protect the constitution,” she said, adding that “Congress will not bow down now and fight to the last breath to defend democracy and the constitution.”

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also blamed the government on the economic crisis and accused him of failing to fulfill his promises to the youth and farmers.

He warned the government on the financial crisis, saying, “By 2024, the Indian economy will become a $ 5 trillion economy, and the youth will get two crore jobs every year.”

“Six years ago, Narendra Modi showed great promise to the people. All these promises have now been proven to be false and he failed to fulfill all the promises made and the people of the country were misled,” he said.

“Now all this has been proven to be false and they have lied to the country,” the former prime minister said.


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