Soma enterprises vice-president accused for bribing CBI officer

Soma Enterprises Bribe Accused

A senior employee of Hyderabad-based infrastructure company Soma Enterprises has been arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), along with a section officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and a privateer. CBI bribes DIG rank officer to clear Rs 2 crore bribe

Soma Enterprises Vice President PR Rao, Home Ministry official Dheeraj Singh and Dinesh Chand Gupta were arrested on Friday in a designated court in Delhi.
Soma Enterprises Vice President PR Rao, MHA officer Dheeraj Singh and privateer Dinesh Chand Gupta were arrested on Friday at a designated court in Delhi.

Soma Chairman and Managing Director Rajendra Prasad Maganthi told Deccan Chronicle that although he was unaware of the bribery case, there was no case with the CBI regarding his company in Banjara Hills.

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Mr. Asra Garg, an IPS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre who made the bribe, is on deputation with the CBI and is heading its anti-corruption branch. The matter is the subject of a preliminary inquiry by the CBI involving Soma Enterprises.

According to CBI officials, Dheeraj Singh, who was appointed to the police-division of the MHA, allegedly called Asra Garg at a bribery meeting to solve the problem. The offer was made on behalf of PR Rao.

Posting the meeting, Mr. Garg complained to his seniors on September 11 about the bribe offer. A meeting was arranged and Gupta was able to talk to CBI officer PR Rao.

Singh and Gupta were arrested while distributing Rs 16 lakh to the DIG and searches were carried out at the premises of the accused, which led to the retrieval of some inaccurate documents. Sleuths caught Rau on Friday.
Soma enterprises chairman and managing director Rajendra Prasad Maganthi said he was not aware of the arrest of his senior employee in the bribery case. “PR Rao is our engineer and works on various projects. I am not actively involved in the performance of the company. I am not aware of any improvement,” he said.

Prasad said there was no case against the Soma enterprises Group with the CBI. “The company is slowing down as the economy hits all the infrastructure companies,” he said, and he is “retired.”

Asked if he knew of the bribe offer, Prasad decided not to comment. His son Ankineedu Maganthi is performing at Soma.

Established in 1997, Soma Enterprises is involved in the construction and development of major infrastructure projects such as roads, energy, irrigation and water resources, rail and metro, urban infrastructure, transmission, specialty structures, mass housing, warehousing and tourism. According to the company’s website, Soma Enterprise operates an order book of more than 1,51,840 million Infra Solutions and over 25 projects.


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