Is Your Smart Phone Hanging Continuously?

smart phone hanging

Smart Phones generally hang when they are heavingly used without following these things and so have a look at what things must be implemented so as to make sure you will have a good functioning of your smartphone.

#Restart Phone

Restart or switch off your mobile for couple of minutes and that is the easiest way to resolve hanging drawback and smooth operation of your smart phone. it’s wise to switch off your mobile at least 2 to 3 mins time in each 24-36 hour.

#Don’t use Mobile once it’s Overheated

Using WiFi or alternative powerful options may might cause warming within the phone; still after that using heated Mobile isn’t sensible for phone in addition for your health. therefore its better to avoid the habit of using your phone in such condition as a result of it makes process unit to function slowly.

#Removing unwanted Applications from Your Device

Unnecessary applications in mobile causes load within the RAM, ROM and CPU. therefore notice the apps in your phone that don’t seem to be utilized by you and uninstall them one by one. you’ll be able to conjointly take away the system or default apps once after you root your phone.

#Use Task Manager

Use task manager application will enhance mobile speed and kill the nonfunctioning app.
There are several smart Task manager like Advanced Task Manager – Killer, es Task Manager(Task Killer), Clean Master etc.

#Root the phone

It is discovered that a rooted phone works bit quicker than the non-rooted mobile, therefore it’s good to root you phone, A rooted mobile suggests that you’ll be able to access the system application of your phone.
Know- the way to Root robot Phone easily

#Avoid the attraction of Application

Live Wallpapers, Launcher and Themes appear amazing in your Smartphone screen and everybody gets attract to them, however they additionally consume high amount of CPU power and makes your phone slower or hanged.therefore try not using avoid such application if your phone is hanging.

#Proper exit of Application

Generally users don’t exit a game or application properly once using them. It makes app running in background therefore from next time exit that app properly.

#Free Space in the Internal Memory

if you have lot of data loaded in your mobile’s internal memory it’ll take longer to scan your information for loading gallery, mp3 player etc. therefore avoid the use of internal memory less loaded and additional free. Move your most of information in External SD Card.

Apps Move to Memory card-

Move the app in External memory enhances the performance of phone, therefore it’s good shift all movable apps in External memory.

#Restore Factory Settings

if you still have all these problems its better to reset your phone to factory settings. The thing you must note is

  1. Save all your contacts in your gmail account
  2. Backup all your data in a lappy or pc

Enjoy your smart phone again with the same speed !!



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