Separate Warangal further into 2 more districts, TRS MLA demand.


Telangana State prepared by the TRS government, for the convenience of administration, 10 districts are divided into 33 districts. Despite the initial announcement of 31 districts, concerns for two other districts have given rise to a green signal. KCR promised during the pre-assembly polls. CM KCR promised to set up two more districts in the assembly election campaign. To that extent, the new Mulugu and Narayanpet districts have been established. There are 33 districts in total.

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Though there are already 33 districts in Telangana, there is a demand for new districts to be formed. To this end, the demand for the formation of Warangal district as headquarters of the Warangal Eastern Constituency and the declaration of Hanmakonda as another district came to light. Notably, the demand for self-styled TRS party MLA Nannapuneni Narender has brought this demand to the fore. To that end, he appealed to the Chief Minister CM KCR. The joint Warangal district is already divided into six districts. Warangal Urban and Warangal Rural Districts have been formed as Janagam, Jayashankar Bhupalapalli, Mulluga and Mahabubadd districts. However, the ruling party MLA is demanding to have two more districts becoming sensation now.


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