Video: Selfie turned into death for 2 Telangana youths at Kuntala waterfalls

Kuntala Waterfalls selfie death

Beautiful tourist spot in Telangana turned into a danger zone after 2 young men died in a tragic incident at Kuntala waterfall on Sunday. Md. Ansar (23) and Md. Fayaz (22) died after they accidentally fell into the waterfall while taking a selfie with their phone.

The incident took place at around Sunday mid-day when several tourists thronged the famous tourist spot of Telangana in Adilabad district.

Both guys were natives of Nizamabad district had come to the waterfall for a picnic with few other friends.

A search operation was launched to trace the bodies of the youths. As it is raining heavily it is getting difficult to do the search operation. While Ansar was a mechanic, Fayaz was a college student. Sources said that the place where the incident took place was forbidden for visitors and that there was a shortage of security staff to manage the crisis.

Meanwhile, police have registered a case and investigating the matter.


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