Hyderabad: Robbery in the wine shop in the PS limits of Gandhi Nagar.

Robbery in Wine shop

Hyderabad: Robbery in the wine shop in the PS limits of Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad which is nearer to the Gandhi hospital took place on 3rd April 2020 and the visuals are clearly recorded in the CCTV footage.

It was conveyed from the wine shop owner that there are 2 rooms in the wine shop, 1 was the main room where the sales happen and other was a stock room and in which the thief has broken the camera and yet to know what else had been missing from the stock room as the Footage was not available due to camera breakage.

The thief cut the foil off the top of the shop and looted the liquor bottles worth Rs. 3 lakh. He also picked up money in the cash box at the billing counter during the robbery in wine shop.

The crime scene was completely recorded on CCTV in the shop. Based on the video footage, the police had started the investigation to capture the thief.

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As we know that there is a lockdown in the country since the 23rd march and no wine shops were open since then. In this span of time, the availability of the liquor bottles is almost negligible.

Hence the demand for the bottles would go to the peaks in the market within no time. Thiefs took this situation as an advantage and started looting the wine shops where there is a chance to do so.

The same thing happened in Karnataka. The thieves entered the Liquor Shop in Ullal town near Mangalore. They also carried a digital video recorder at work. The case is being investigated by the police following a complaint by the shop owner.


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