Reward to the constable who gave Warning to the District Magistrate who got in the car on the road

Constable rewarded

The rule is Rule. Any level should follow the rules. Otherwise, the rule is not taken advantage of. The constable, realizing this, carried out his duty correctly. He took a class for those who were on the road to lockdown.

Neither the Common Man nor the officer wanted. Warning obstructed the district magistrate. He explained to him the lockdown terms. O constable, it was sensational to block the District Magistrate. However, the constable was praised for his duty as a conductor. Honored with reward.

Constable who blocked the District Magistrate’s car:

The event took place in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The constable’s name is Arun Kumar. Lockdown is on duty. Officers are conducting contingency checks to determine how the police operate in the lockdown. As part of this, the district magistrate’s car came on the road.

Do not get on the road without permission under lockdown rules. Constable Arun of Secunderabad area stopped the car. The driver asked why he was on the road. He then sent them a word. He explained to them the lockdown rules before that. He was apparently asked not to get on the road.

Everyone wants to contribute to the coronavirus. The District Magistrate was in the back seat of the same car. The matter was not known to the constable.

Warning not to break the rule again:

“Constable Arun Kumar stopped the car in the Secunderabad area. He stood by the men in the car as to why they came on the road without any permission. Also, three people in the car did not get permission to go.

He then sent them a word. Once again, he did not break the rules. Once again, he has warned that if you make a mistake like this, you will be fined, ”said Buland Shahar SSP Santosh.

Rain of applause on the constable:

Constable Arun Kumar praised the duty minded district magistrate. Very grateful to have done the duty. Arun was presented with a testimonial. He also gave a reward of Rs. Police chiefs said that they are very happy to perform the duties of the police in the face of such disasters.


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