Realtors can make use of digital marketing in an effective way ( Digital Marketing for Real Estate)

Digital Marketing for Real estate

Real estate business is a business where there will be a huge return if a sale happens, at the same time realtors spend hell lot of money in promoting their ventures.

Most of the ventures promote through

  1. Posters or Flexes
  2. TV Ads ( Ex. Subagruha Projects)
  3. Cold Calling and so on

Butwhat I felt is these realtors are really ignoring Digital Marketing

There are numerous ways to promote something online, it could be like

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Google Adwords banner ads in relevant ad places
  3. Google Adwords Search Keywords ads.

Let me give you an example

I was looking out for a property in hyderabad say for example I wanted a double bedroom flat in Dilsukhnagar within the budget 50 lakhs, so now what I did was

I searched in top real estate portals like 99acres, indiaproperty, magicbricks and so on but I was really fed with sponsored ads and unnecessary suggestions and email followups with these websites.

So the best thing was I searched in google with search term “ Double bedroom flat in Dilsukhnagar”

Now here is the key thing a digital marketer should consider, this keywords can cost you around Rs. 10 per click or Rs.50 for 1000 impressions. Now if your venture is somewhere near by dilsukhnagar spend that 50 so that the right customer will land in to your webpage.

Now your work starts from here, make sure you have covered almost all the information in your website like pricing, number of flats available and when can be occupied and so on. If all these things are listed properly, I don’t thing someone needs a property selling portals on their browsers.

Lets talk about display advertising now, display advertising says that it will show your display ad only to the relevant people from the crowd and ignore others so you will hit the perfect target customers.

It also works with Facebook, Facebook advert has come up with very good interface and has got too many metrics to target your customer, if someone can use it properly I don’t think people need to go for costly ads in the market.




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