Ratan Tata’s Vintage car for sale in India: know what’s special about this

ratan tata vintage car for sale in india

Ratan Tata, who has headed Tata Motors for many years, owns and drives many Vintage vehicles. Now, according to the report, one of his Vintage car is for sale in India. Tata imported Skylark for itself and the same car is now on sale.

According to a Facebook post, the interior and paint of the car is still original today. At the same time, the price of this car was set at Rs 14 lakh.

If you look carefully at the car, it is clear that all the badges and logo of the car are in their original condition. Keeping the car in its original condition for many years is a big challenge.

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Even the car buyer has not installed any accessories from the outside. At the same time, the car number is also a special MMH-7474. The specialty of this car is that it has a powerful V8 engine.

In 1978, the Buick Company produced 114,220 Skylark cars, the majority of which were equipped with the V6 engine, with only the V8 engine at 17,116 units. The car has three variants of the V8, the 5.0-liter engine delivers 145bhp of power and 332Nm of torque.

At the same time, the 5.8-liter V8 engine delivers 155bhp of power and 380Nm of torque. The 5.7-liter engine delivers 170bhp and 373Nm of torque.

Speaking of the improvement of its features, the car was used to get a 2-speed automatic transmission. Ratan Tata has been seen driving various luxury cars with Ferrari California, Mercedes-Benz 500SL, Land Rover Freelander, Mercedes-Benz W124, Cadillac XLR, Chrysler Sebring, Mercedes S-Class and Buick Super 8, such as the Tata Nexon and the Honda Civic.


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