Indian oil petrol bunk operated by life convicts made Rs.4 crores profit

petrol bunk operated by life convicts made Rs.4 crores

Indian oil corporation limited petrol bunk which is located at chanchalguda which is Hyderabad, also a landmark of famous chanchalguda jail has made Rs.4 crores profit.

petrol bunk operated by life convicts made Rs.4 crores

This petrol has got established 5 years back and in the 5 years long run, the people work here are the life convicts who will be in the chanchalguda central jail. There have been 45 life convicts working in this petrol bunk and they work very well at the petrol bunk, jailor of the chanchalguda Mr. Saidaiah said.

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This petrol bunk stands first in all the petrol bunk across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The annual turnover of this petrol bunk would be 100 to 120 crores which is something huge in this industry.

The life convicts who work here are selected by the committee of officials based on the convict behavior and other aspects, they have been performing best out of the all these years.

In the past 5 years no prisoner had ever tried to escape while performing the duty, moreover there have been instances where customers misbehaved with them considering them as low grade people in the society.

Govt do not take the assaults on these prisoners lightly as there have been instances where customers behaved badly with the prisoners and meanwhile cases have been lodged against them and they are attending the court trials so as to avoid this kind of instances in future.

This can be considered as a best step by the government so as to encourage the people who are really motivated tow work even at their bad times. Employment to all can be considered asthe the main motto of the state government, hopefully, there will be additional steps in the society so as improve the employment and also for the betterment of the citizens of Telangana.




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