People from 5 Maharashtra villages meet KCR, seek a merger with Telangana

Maharashtra villages seek merger with telangana
The leaders from Nalgaon, Bhokar, Degloor, Kinwat and Hathgaon assembly segments sought support from KCR for their agitation and said they were ready to contest with TRS party tickets, if allotted.

A Group of People from the Nanded district in Maharashtra on Tuesday met TRS chief KCR and requested to implement welfare schemes for their district.

Representatives from various political parties told KCR that if the Maharashtra government does not implement such schemes, their villages will be integrated into Telangana.

The people, including elected representatives from villages stretching from Telangana to five legislative borders on the border of Nanded district of Maharashtra, are demanding that the state government implement the Telangana welfare schemes in their villages or allow them to merge their villages. Telangana State, ”a statement from the KCR office said.

The leaders of the Nalgaon, Bhokar, Deglur, Kinwat and Hathgaon Sessel segments in the Nanded district of the state of Maharashtra on the Telangana border met the KCR under the leadership of Babli Sarpanch Babu Rao Ganapat Rao Kadam.

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“Our villages are bordering Telangana state villages. People and farmers in Telangana state villages are very happy when we are in distress, ”the statement quoted a team from Nanded district.

The group specifically told the KCR that apart from the Telangana income subsidy scheme for farmers (Rythu Bandhu scheme and under which the local farmers are getting Rs.10,000) They said they were also ready to contest the TRS tickets in the upcoming Maharashtra elections.

“The State Government of Maharashtra is to implement the welfare schemes of Telangana State. If the state government of Maharashtra is unable to do so, we demand that our villages be integrated into Telangana state.

We are concerned with this demand. With this slogan, we will contest the upcoming assembly elections. If Shri KCR gives us a chance, we will compete on TRS tickets, ”the group said.

The meeting coincidentally took place on September 17, when the former state of Hyderabad was annexed to India in 1948 for 71 years, through Operation Polo and military action. In the princely state, five districts, including Nanded, are part of the state (apart from three other districts from Karnataka and Telangana).

The last Nizam or rule of the Hyderabad State, Mir Osman Ali Khan, the richest man in the world to heal your time, tried to be independent so that Operation Polo went into action.

“Nanded leaders have made it clear that they were a part of the Hyderabad state during the Nizam’s rule. Their demand for the merger with Telangana state is rational because they have a long and historic relationship with the people of Telangana from the ages. they said.


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