4 hours work: part-jobs in amazon .. anyone is okay for the job

part-jobs in amazon

Leading e-commerce giant Amazon India is offering delivery jobs. A lot of people order products from Amazon. Timely delivery to customers is becoming increasingly difficult as orders are high during peak season. Amazon India is creating new part-time jobs to fix the item delivery issue in the Peak season and fast delivery. Amazon says anyone is okay with part-time jobs if the items are delivered safely and quickly.

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Anyone can apply for a part-time delivery job. This part-time job in Amazon offer is specifically offered to students, homemakers, and retired professionals. Amazon hopes to create flexible jobs in the company. The company, under the name Amazon Flex, offers thousands of job openings. This delivery job is very beneficial for those who are looking for Pocket Money in free time.

If the person who delivers Amazon items 4 hours a day can earn up to Rs120 to Rs.140 per hour. The delivery partner will pay a salary every Wednesday for a delivery worker. Amazon is already running a pilot. The pilot was launched in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi two weeks ago. Amazon plans to expand the pilot delivery to more cities this year.

India is the seventh country in the world where Amazon has introduced Amazon Flex. The service also operates in North America, Germany, Spain, Japan, Singapore, and the UK. Akhila Saxena, Vice President, Asian Customer Fulfilment, said, “This service is very beneficial for ordering customers to deliver item faster.

Amazon India recently launched Scheduled Delivery with One-Day and Two-Day. Amazon is delivering prime offers on the next day. Delivery is in two and a half hours with Prime Now offers. Amazon made its entry in India in 2013. Since then, more than 170 million products are offered from 4 lakh stores. Amazon initially invested $ 5 billion under the country unit in India.



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