Paramilitary is facing 75% Shortage of 9mm Bullets

shortage of 9mm bullets para military

According to a report within the Indian express, the unavailability and shortage of 9mm bullets, that is that the primary ammunition utilized by para-military forces for close encounters, had almost reached the amount that there aren’t enough bullets offered for firing practice and meanwhile for the actual combat.

The report states that the shortage of 9m bullets in 2016-17 is probably going to exceed seventy-five per cent. whereas there’s a requirement of 9.3 crore bullets for paramilitary and state police forces, the Ordinance Factories Board (OFB) had in agreement to produce solely 2.3 crore bullets.

“Even the present assurance of providing ammunition has come after abundant urging by the home ministry. OFB was earlier committing to produce solely seventy-five lakh bullets,” a senior Ministry of Home Affairs official told.
Seeing the urgent need of supply of bullets, the home ministry has asked the forces to import bullets through an international tender for immediate demand, and additionally to line up factories so as to manufacture their bullets to cater to the long-run demand.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has declared that the shortage of ammunitions has arisen because of the growth of the police forces, the restricted capability of OFB to manufacture 9mm bullets, and also the proven fact that its priority is to produce the defense force.

As per MHA figures, in 2014-15, the OFB provided solely 2.4 crore bullets, that was forty-two per cent of the demand of 5.67 crores of bullets. In 2015-16, the supply-demand widened because the OFB provided one and half crore bullets, that was solely twenty per cent of the demand of 7.5 crore bullets.

A senior army personnel, posted at the Indo-Tibetan Border. told that in several units, personnel have gotten solely half the desired number of bullets for shooting practice, whereas some units aren’t able to apply because of ammunition shortage.

Talking concerning the inadequacy of 9mm bullets within the states, a senior province police officer aforesaid, “Officers are expected to fire a minimum of seventy rounds for practice annually. That has halved.”


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