Ola Cab Drivers went on protest at KPHB Kukatpally Hyderabad

ola cab drivers protest

KPHB: Many drivers who run cab services at Ola Cab have come to the rescue on Monday. The drivers coming to the Ola office next to the brand factory in KPHB’s third phase picked up shirts and picked up before the office. Slogans against Ola’s ownership. KPHB Thana Police reached the office on the basis of a complaint lodged by OLA management. Police took several people into custody as drivers chanted slogans for hours.

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Earlier drivers said that they had repeatedly taken the company’s ownership to solve their problems. The government’s agreement with the government has made it clear that it is trying to eliminate the ownership. After 12 hours, the company rules to operate only 12 hours and the driver has been hired and the services are running. In addition, the company does not recognize the ownership of the company. They demanded that the government take the initiative to solve their problems. Nine drivers were arrested and the others escaped, police said.


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