Man from Vikarabad Murders Wife Over Extra-Marital Affair, Kills Kids Too


Suspecting the credibility of his wife, a man allegedly murdered her and their two children, including a foster son, at their home in the Vikarabad district of Telangana before surrendering to the police.

A 32-year-old private company employee died after beating his divorced wife and their daughter (5) with a rod and then strangling a nine-year-old son, they said.

The man began to doubt the credibility of his wife after seeing some messages on her mobile phone and grew suspicious.

Police said he was drunk on the matter and was quarreling with her.

On Sunday night, a heated argument broke out between the pair. He planned to commit suicide, but he didn’t think there would be anyone to look after the children if he ended his life, they said, based on his statement.

The woman had a son from the first marriage while the girl was from a second marriage with the accused, police said.

The accused have been booked under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC and have been taken into custody, they said.


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