One and Only Muslim MLA of TRS party Shakeel to join BJP

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Saffron hunting for pink scarfs has begun. A few days ago, the Chief Minister, TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his senior party leaders who were nervous, breaking the confidence, the first step legislators from the ruling party, the BJP Telangana rising tides, decided to join.

There was a big jolt on Thursday when Bodhan MLA, Shakeel Amir Mohammed, and TRS’s only Muslim legislator decided to leave the party and join the BJP. MLA Shakil met BJP’s Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind at his residence in Hyderabad on Thursday. Shakeel said he was ready to resign as MLA to join the BJP.

Shakeel was the only Muslim MLA elected from the TRS in last year’s assembly elections. After Shakil officially joins the BJP, he will be the first TRS MLA to leave the ship and jump.

Speaking after his visit with Arvind, Shakeel said, “I am the only Muslim MLA elected from the TRS. Due to my hard work in the last Lok Sabha elections against the BJP, TRS candidate Kavitha is strong and won the majority of votes. But the TRS leadership did not recognize my services. The Pink Party has promised Muslims a 12 percent reservation but it has not been fulfilled. Some vested interests misled Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, so I did not get a ministerial post.”

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“When the TRS leadership does not do me justice, what should I say to my people,” he said, adding that he would announce his decision in one or two days.

He accused the MLAs of lacking values ​​and hard work in the TRS, and the leadership of the MIM pressured me not to take a position in the Cabinet.

“Under such circumstances, I cannot be in the TRS and adjust,” he said, adding that I may have been an MLA by the grace of KCR, but I am ready to resign from my post.

Meanwhile, Dharmapuri Aravind tweeted: ‘Bodhan MLA Shakil (TRS) visited me today at my residence. We have had extensive discussions on the current political situation in the state and Nizamabad district.

Sources said the two have also discussed other TRS MLAs who are unhappy with their leadership and are ready to break away from the party.


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