Protest by MTNL Employees over delay in salaries and pension

MTNL Employees

MTNL Employees also want a wage amendment before the government can bring in a voluntary retirement scheme proposal.

Employees of state-owned telecommunications firm Mahanagar Telecom Limited (MTNL) have taken to the streets demanding that their salaries be paid. According to the PTI report, the employees were not paid salaries for two months and they displayed the protest building where the telecommunication ministry was housed. Of the total 22,000, at least 8,000 are employed. The company also has a huge presence in Mumbai.

Employees demanded that the government first announce an amendment to its wage structure and release pending salaries before the proposed voluntary retirement scheme is introduced. Employees union leaders have claimed that salaries have been delayed regularly since February and blamed the government for doing so deliberately to frustrate them. The leaders said their salaries had not yet arrived for June and July.

The leaders want to hold a meeting with the Secretary to discuss the government’s plans for MTNL and that they have a meeting with the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Telecommunication. They say their concern will continue until their demands are met. Joining current employees are some of MTNL’s pensioners

The DoT is expected to release at least a month’s pay by the end of this week. The total wage bill is Rs 160 crore.

MTNL is reading 2,970.9 crores and 3,388 crores respectively with figures for 2017-18 and 2018-19. Income, meanwhile, is falling.

As previously reported in these pillars, the government has come up with a kind of recovery plan for two sick companies MTNL and BSNL in the telecommunication sector. The plan will cost Rs 74,000 crore, which includes a VRS scheme to reduce staff strength in both companies and invest in bringing 4G services, which will bring back some customers and arrest the slide and reduce losses.


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