ASCI Survey Says Only 2% Hyderabad commuters take Metro Rail


Hyderabad: Commuters in the city rely heavily on personal vehicles to travel, with 47.8% using them and only 2% taking a Metro Rail
Analyzing the latest government report on the road. Experts said that in Hyderabad, more than 1,200 new vehicles are on the road every day and that the share of shared autorickshaws is 64%, while the model share of bus transportation has declined over the years. An analysis by the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) reveals the city’s daily bus commuters are around 3,300,000.

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“Forty electric buses have been introduced on the TRSRC aircraft, but most importantly, there is a need to promote e-vehicles in the public transport system,” said Srinivas Chari, head of the Center for Energy, Environment, Urban Governance & Infrastructure Development.

With the metro train meeting the travel needs of around 2 lakh commuters every day and being the main public transport, the metro share is only 2%. However, Metro is likely to make it bigger, as more lines are added in the future.

The overall share of private transport, including intermediate public transport such as share autos, stands at 64%, highlighting the need to promote more public transport. It shows that the city’s transportation supply and demand policy has fallen from 64.3% in 1988 to 34.5% in 2018. Over the same period, the model vehicle share of individual vehicles increased from 28.8% to 47.8%.
“I have a car, but I have reduced its use. Instead, I take a long metro rail or buses, “he said S.kRao, the retired private employee.

Motorized wheels are the cause of 22% of all commuters and 40% of commuting in the city.


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