Massive Search Operation by Punjab Police at Pathankot

Massive Search operation at pathankot
Massive Search operation at pathankot

Punjab police started a massive search operation after the day of parliamentary panel claimed that there would some terrorists still hiding near by the Pathankot airbase. It was a massive door-to-door operation carried out by the local police.

“We have conducted a search operation starting from 5 am in the morning covering 28 near by villages, we also enquired the local people if they have any suspect that anyone new in their areas.

they said they have not seen anyone like that” – SSP Rakesh Kaushal

this operation was lead by SSP and followed by 2 SP rank officers with overall 300 policemen in villages Dhira, Tajpur, Akalgarh and chonga near by pathankot airbase. The special team comprised of SWAT( Specially Equipped Weapons and Tactics) Commandos who are all highly trained.

Local police also enquired in public and found it is safe.

However this place had experienced a terror attack in January and so it is considered as a sensitive area.

there was a meeting held among Army, BSF, Airforce and Punjab police regarding the security issue at the Pathankot airbase as it is the border district and making appropriate arrangements at the airbase so as to make sure that security is tight.


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