Massive Accident at Punjagutta Hyderabad


A massive Accident near by punjagutta flyover at hyderabad, 20-year-old engineering student who allegedly drunk and drove the i10 car and hit the road divider and fell on the Santro car which is coming in opposite direction.

A man died and his 9 year old niece is in coma and she is in brain dead condition and was unable to respond to the medical treatment due to the injuries she had due to this accident.


Coming to the incident, ramya 9-year-old girl joined in St Anns school in Secunderabad and that was her first day at school and so her family members went to school to pick her in the evening and while they were on the way back to home they met with a severe accident at punjagutta flyover.

Ramya’s Uncle Mr. Rajesh who was driving the car was died on the spot and was about to travel to USA shortly on his job and unfortunately this has happened to him.

Coming the person who made this accident He is an engineering graduate who was allegedly drunk and driving the car rashly after the missing the ticket to a movie and so they are all in bar for quite long time and started driving after that. It was purely a careless and rash driving by the students which made a family helpless and made them get into deep sorrow.


Ramya’s mother, Radhika, another uncle and her grand father also suffered multiple fractures in this accident and admitted in hospital.

Investigating officer Mr. Srinivas had said that the oneMr. Shravil, who is driving the car do not even have driving licence and the car belongs to the father of his friend Ashwin.

“Their parents pay the whole responsibility for doing this to our family. Our family is ruined,” said Srinivas, the father-in-law of Rajesh, appealing to the police and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to take stringent action in the case.



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