Masha Allah Chai: Best Chai Spot Between Hyderabad and Karimnagar.

Best Chai Spot

Chai has been have been an integral part of every Indian. On our recent visit to Kaleshwaram we explored some very aromatic yet unique teaspot in between Hyderabad and karimnagar (Rajeev rahadari).

We hyderabadis are fed up with CCD, Coffee bucks and so called Irani old city chai, today iam going to introduce you to a new chai which is Considered as Special Masala Chai with all desi ingredients.

Its time to Spot it Yes it is “Masha Allah Chai” found at masha allah hotel which you can see after crossing the siddipet bypass.

masha allah chai

Tea or chai is associate integral a part of our lives and our obsession with it dates back to the nineteenth C. it’s been the well-liked liquid for generations, however has seen abundant transition over the years. From being served at humble wayside stalls to creating its thanks to fashionable  tea lounges – our unofficial national drink has return an extended means and therefore our Rajeev rahadari is that the excellent hub for the evolution of those great chai spots while travelling.

Give a try and Enjoy the taste !!



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