Mahmood Ali Grandson Tiktok Video Abusing Police Went Viral

Mahmood Ali grandson tiktok video

Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali grandson tiktok video sitting on a government vehicle as he appears in a video and his friend lip-syncing a movie dialogue that threatens a police officer.

In the video, which went viral on social media on Thursday, Furkan Ahmed was sitting on the bonnet of an official car while a friend of his was inspecting from a movie threatening to strangle the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Furkan’s friend, looking at the camera, ordered the IGP (as part of the film’s dialogue) to show respect for his brother (Furkan) and then threatened to scream if he dared to cross his threshold.

Some reports have claimed that the video was shot in front of the minister’s residence in Hyderabad’s Usmanpura area, while others stated that the family went out for a function. The vehicle they are sitting in is part of the Home Minister’s convoy. A quick search revealed that the vehicle was registered under the name of the Director-General of Police (DGP) and also had a pending challan against its license place for ‘overspreading/dangerous driving’.

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There was no immediate response from the Home Minister or any top police officer.

However, speaking to the Media, Mahmood Ali, Hon’ble Telangana State Home Minister said, “It was filmed when my family moved to the old city for the wedding.”

He also apologized for the incident.

The incident comes close to the point where some government employees in Khammam district make and upload tiktok videos. After the videos went viral, Khammam Municipal Corporation transferred 11 employees, including women, and reduced their wages.


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