Telangana Govt liquor price hike by 10 percent from Monday

liquor price hike

In the somewhat discouraging news for drinkers in Telangana before the New Year, the state government has raised the prices of liquor.

Beer prices range from Rs. For 20 hard liquor, depending on size, the prices have increased by Rs10 to Rs80 after the liquor price hike in Telangana. The revised rates will go into effect from Monday.

According to the revised rates, the Royal Stag 750ml bottle is now priced at Rs.680 The current price of the Rs. 600. Kingfisher beer is sold for Rs120 compared to the current Rs.100.

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The government has permitted Telangana State Beverages Corporation Limited to supply liquor to all liquor depots where wine shop owners can buy stock to increase the maximum retail price (MRP) of the current stock of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and beer brands.

Stocks holding IMFL depots as of December 16, trucking before depots and stock shipped before December 16 and arriving at depots on or after December 16 will be required to be sold at revised rates.

Liquor store owners are required to sell their existing brands at the old MRP rates by December 16, and stocks purchased on or before December 16, at revised MRP rates after the liquor price hike. Any violations will be taken seriously. All chief managers and managers are urged to inform retailers of the revised MRP of all brands.

He asked for arrangements to store the stocks sent after December 16 in different lots and not to combine them with the lats under any circumstances.

Officials said that the stock of a particular brand received with the new MRP will be distributed only after the stock of a particular brand with the old MRP is exhausted.

Increased by

• 90 ml (Dip): Rs.10
• 180 ml (Quarter): Rs.20
• 370 ml (Half): Rs.40
• 750 ml (Full): Rs.80

Pay more to serve alcohol in a social gathering

It is not only tippers, but those who run social, family, and meeting events pay more if they want to drink alcohol.

The Prohibition and Excise Department, which announced the hike in alcohol rates on Monday, also hiked fares under the permit to serve alcohol at various events.

Excluding GHMC, the fee for social, family and meeting activities is Rs 9,000, as well as Rs 12,000 for four-star and more hotels. GHMC and its 5km per day social, family, and meeting events are priced at Rs 12,000 and Rs 20,000 for four-star and more hotels.

For sports, commercial and entertainment, the fee is Rs 50,000 (up to Rs 1,000 for event tickets), while it is Rs 1 lakh (up to Rs 5,000 for event tickets) and Rs.2.5 lakh (up to Rs 5,000 for event tickets) which will be held in the auditorium.

For all clubs with a C-1 license, the fee is Rs 5,000 per day.


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