Lady doctor from Gandhi Hospital was beaten by patient family members

Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad, Sep 10: A woman’s family has assaulted a junior doctor after she died in gandhi hospital in Telangana. The horrible incident took place at Gandhi Hospital. According to a report, 80 percent of the 40-year-old had burns and was included in the risk section where doctors examined her. The family destroys the Hyderabad Hospital and beats the staff after the woman’s death, leaving the mob helpless;

She was wounded at 4 pm on Monday, September 10 during treatment. After the woman’s death, her family members came to the Gandhi hospital and started creating a ruckus. They entered the casualty ward and began attacking a female surgeon.

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“One of the family members took his helmet and repeatedly hit the doctor on her back and she was injured.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been lodged against the deceased’s family members. The case has been registered under Section 332 of the Indian Penal Code (voluntarily causing distress to a public servant from his or her duty).

Violence against doctors is increasing worldwide. However, India has a unique problem. Lack of government spending on health care has led to a shortage of infrastructure and human resources in government hospitals like Gandhi hospital in Telangana. That is why people are forced into private health care. Small and medium-sized private healthcare organizations provide greater health care services that are isolated, haphazard and tortured. Violence against health services is only a manifestation of this disease. Anti-violence laws against Medicare individuals and organizations that have been notified in 19 states over the past 10 years have failed to address this issue. The Indian penal code should be changed to prevent violence against doctors, increase government expenditure on health care, and provide stringent punishment for acts of violence against doctors.

India is not the only country facing violence against its medical practitioners; Today it is a global phenomenon. In the USA, between 1980 and 1990, more than 100 health workers died due to violence. Another survey of 170 university hospitals revealed that 57% of emergency room employees had been threatened with a weapon during the 5-year period prior to the survey. A 2008 survey of 600 physicians conducted by the British Medical Association found that one-third had a verbal or physical assault.


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