Adilabad: Kuntala waterfall closed for visitors

Kuntala Wasterfall

Kuntala Falls in Adilabad district has been closed without prior notice by the Forest Department for visitors, causing inconvenience to thousands of station visitors.

Entrance to the picturesque location at the headquarters of the Neredigonda Zone has been closed as NH-44 joins the 12-kilometer road to prevent accidental deaths.

It may be recalled that a man drowned in a waterfall on August 19th. This is the first event in which the forest department has been on the spot for two consecutive seasons.

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According to officials, the falls were closed after the police department did not cooperate with a large number of visitors, who reached the area and risked their lives.

“The police deployed here refuse to get to the foot of the falls and prevent visitors from getting into the swirling waters,” a forest official alleged. After the sinking incident, visitors were only allowed up to the viewpoint on the hill along the stairs.

Forest staff looked helpless as hundreds of visitors forced their way into the hillside last Sunday.

“The place will be closed indefinitely. We are concerned about the safety of visitors, ”observed another official as he tried to eliminate visitor suspicions.


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