Kukatpally: Apartment Compound wall collapsed; damages 4 parked cars

kukatpally apartment

Officials at GHMC Town Planning Department have accused people of playing with people’s lives by allowing builders to violate the terms of surrender to the bribe. As a result, the authorities are resorting to just notional action and danger, as happened in the early hours of Friday morning in Vasanthnagar, where a compound wall of an apartment complex crashed into four cars.
Fortunately for the workers, there were no casualties or injuries. In the past, three people lost their lives due to lack of quality work or the unauthorized structures of builders.

According to information, local MLA Madhavaram Krishnarao reached the spot. After inspecting the space, the same builder found a compound wall that had been built last year, but officials failed to take any action against the company. MLA has ordered City Town Planning Officer Devender Reddy to take action against the builder. He recalled that the builder had already been warned because of quality work. Rao warned officials to take stringent action on such errors.

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Some residents of Vasantnagar told The Huns India that they were angry with the town planning authorities. They said the compound wall collapsed due to poor quality of work. Residents have demanded stringent action against GHMC officials, who are concerned that such accidents could result in fatalities.


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