Top 3 Approaches for killer Remarketing Campaign (Google AdWords)

remarketing best practices

Remarketing Campaigns are the type of campaigns where we can target people who already visited our website.

Remarketing campaigns are mostly suitable for the users who have fewer budgets and also who wants to target only specific customers of their niche. Basically, these campaigns do not hit the new customers but will keep reminding our old customers about us and our products.

What about Acquisition of new customers then?

Here are the ways where we can reach out to new customers online with remarketing.

Technically, when someone clicks on our link, that redirects them to our site and immediately cookies will be captured by the browser and we can retarget them by showing our banner ads in their partnered networks (that can be Google or Facebook ads).

Remarketing Statistics

Here are the 3 different approaches where we can hit new customers.

Acquisition through Emails:

We generally write introduction emails to our prospective clients with a signature having your name, company name and your website address expecting that he/she would see the signature and visit our website, but how long this old technique works?

The first 2 paragraphs are important in the email body, provide a hyperlink anywhere in the first 2 paragraphs so as to improve the click through rate (CTR). Create some hyperlinks in the email body which you feel are more appropriate and your customer would click on it.

Say for example if you are a sales executive and if you are explaining about any custom package to your customer, just redirect that particular word to the destination page.

email remarketing

Now this will have high chances that your customer will click on that and have a look of that page.

Now, you can target this prospective customer with your banner ads for in Google partnered networks.

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Acquisition through Social Media Posts:

Social media is a great platform to share the hot and happenings about your products and the reach is also very huge in social media.

So how to make best out of it for remarketing campaign?

Numbers will have great attention on social media say it can be discounts, offers, and coupons.


Grab the attention of your customers and make sure you give proper destination URL so that you can show the relevant banners in the partner networks.

Acquisition through WhatsApp:

WhatsApp has become a great platform for official communication as well, sales people generally communicate with their clients mostly in WhatsApp regarding the appointments, price discussion, negotiations and so on.

In WhatsApp, we can send clickable links to the saved contacts.

This is where exactly we can make use of it, while having a regular communication, try to speak about the new feature or product you have and do not forget to mention about it with the destination URL (clickable link).

This will surely help you in remarketing, it will mostly hit the mobile users and we can repeatedly intimate about our product through remarketing ads.

whatsapp hyperlink

Note: We can send clickable links only when contacts are saved contacts.

Hope this article is useful for the newbies in Remarketing (Re-Targeting).


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