US man Kevin Howard sues wife’s lover for marriage failure, wins $7,50,000

kevin howard sues $750000

Kevin Howard saw his life fall apart when his wife of 12 years divorced, only to find out later that he was cheating on her with a co-worker.

A North Carolina judge admitted he was the other person responsible for the failure of the marriage, and he got the last laugh and awarded Howard $ 750,000, U.S. media reported Thursday.

“She first told me I wanted a divorce because I was working a lot and didn’t want to be there,” Howard told local television station WITN.

A private detective found his wife had an affair with a work colleague, whom he had previously met, report.

“He came to my house and had dinner with us. We shared stories and talked about personal lives,” Kevin Howard said.

So he turned to the courts, suing under an “alienation of affection” law of the 1800s before a judge in Greenville, the age at which wives were treated as their husband’s property.

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The law, which is still in effect only in five other states – Hawaii, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Utah, allows a couple to sue another person they believe is responsible for the separation. According to North Carolina’s Wawonese Law Firm, their marriage was due to “wrong or malicious acts.”

“I have filed this case because I think it is important for people to understand that the sanctity of marriage is important, especially in this day and age when people question the morality of each other, people question each other’s responsibility,” Howard told.

His lawyer, Cindy Mills, seeks at least one case in court each year. In 2010, one of her clients received $ 5.9 million in a similar situation.

That same year, a North Carolina court awarded $ 9 million to a woman who accused her husband’s lover of breaking up their 33-year marriage.

According to the Wavonies, more than 200 suits are filed each year in North Carolina based on “alienation of affection.”


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