Kerala now confirms the third case of coronavirus, the patient had returned from China’s Wuhan K


Kerala has now reported the third case of coronavirus. Kerala Health Minister KK Sailaja confirmed the third case of coronavirus in India and said a patient tested positive in Kasaragod, Kerala.

The third case of coronavirus is a recent student returning from China, similar to the first two cases found in different parts of Kerala.

“The patient is being treated at the Kanjangad district hospital in Kasaragod. The patient’s condition is stable.

Three cases of coronavirus have been reported from Kerala, where the government has put 2 thousand people in various hospitals, quarantine facilities, and homes under scrutiny.

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The first case was tested positive for infection with a female medical student who returned from Thrissur on Thursday from Wuhan.

Health Minister Shailaja said the condition of the third patient was also stable. “All 3 patients are being treated in the isolation wards. Their condition is stable. As of February 2, 104 samples were tested, only 3 of which were positive,” she said.

“Most recently, in 1999, they have returned from the affected country. 1924 are under house arrest and the remaining 75 are being monitored in various hospitals,” said KK Sailaja.

More than 350 people have died so far in Wuhan, China, and the coronavirus has already infected 14,000 people in the country. The disease has spread to 25 countries, including India and the US.

With the deadly coronavirus spreading in China and other countries, India has moved more than 650 Chinese from Wuhan and brought them back. India also brought back seven Maldivian nationals along with Chinese Indians.

India flew two separate Air India jets from China to India and brought back the Indians living in Wuhan in two batches. Although it has brought back hundreds of Indians, the government has not brought back some Indians in China who have a high fever and other complaints.

The government on Sunday announced that it would suspend the e-visa facility for Chinese travelers and foreigners living in the neighboring country, and advised that anyone with a history of travel to China from January 15 could be detained.

As of Sunday, 58,658 passengers from 445 flights had been tested for the nCoV feature. A total of 142 pathological passengers taken by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) were referred to as isolation facilities.

Of the 130 samples tested, 128 were negative, according to the Ministry of Health.


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